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Handle Septic Tank
and Drain Field Repairs

Plumbers in Florida are licensed to repair and install septic tanks and drain fields. However, having a Plumbing Contractor's license does not insure that your septic tank and drain field will be properly installed or repaired. Many plumbers have been around a long time and have tons of experience in general plumbing but septic tanks and drain fields require specialized training.

has not only the proper licensing but also the trained technicians, managers and equipment to get the project completed properly. People only have a septic system if they cannot get access to the city or county sewer system.

As time goes by, more existing homes are connected to the municipal sewer system where the effluent is sent to the main wastewater treatment facility, sewer piping and lift stations with pumps are used to move the effluent along its way. In the future, all septic tanks will be gone and every home and business will be connected to central wastewater treatment plants. Until that time, you need to take care of your septic tank and drain field to save money. You should not flush non-biodegradable items down the toilet. These items include but are not limited to condoms, ear swabs, dental floss, detergents, bleach and grease.

serves all of Central Florida and holds State of Florida Certified Underground Utility and Excavation Contractor, General Contractor, Mechanical Contractor and Plumbing Contractor's licenses.

If you are in need of any pluming, septic or other underground utility repairs, please call at .


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